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Tips for Choosing The Light-Duty Storage Shelves

Light-duty storage shelves have small specific load and less investment, but it is unwise if someone blindly pursue the price of light-duty shelves.


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The Loading is 500kg and Above, What Warehouse Shelf Should be Used?

The loading characteristic of warehouse shelf is one of the main factors to verify its character. The steel storage equipment used in the warehouse should not only be loaded enough, but also have a carrying capacity that meets or even exceeds the total weight of the goods. I remember once a customer called and asked: the goods of our manufacturer are basically with a load capacity of 500kg and above. Can you make this kind of warehouse shelf in your factory? What kind of warehouse shelf is good.

What is A Light Duty Shelf?

Light duty shelf, also known as light-weight shelf, is made of high-quality cold plate (SPCC) and Q235 section steel. It is composed of steel laminates and special pins. This kind of shelf is characterized by beautiful appearance and simple assembly. The steel laminates can be adjusted up and down at a spacing of 55mm. In the store, you can connect multiple groups of light shelves according to the size of your own store.
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