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The Characteristics of Medium-sized Shelves

There are many kinds of shelves, which are generally divided into light shelves, medium shelves, heavy shelves, attic shelves, etc. medium shelves are the types between light shelves and heavy shelves. Let's learn about the characteristics of medium shelves.

The Standard of Supermarket Shelf Management

The standard of supermarket shelf management:

What is Light Duty Racking?

Light duty shelving, also known as Light duty shelving, is made of high quality cold plate (SPCC) and Q235 section steel. It is made of steel laminate and special pins. These shelves are characterized by beautiful appearance, easy assembly, and the steel laminates are adjustable up and down with 55mm spacing. In the store, you can use multiple groups of light shelves connected according to the size of your store.

Qualified Standards for Warehouse Shelves

First, warehouse shelves column combination into a column piece after its accuracy in line with the following provisions. 1, warehouse shelf piece full height limit deviation (plus or minus) 2mm. 2, warehouse shelf width limit deviation (plus or minus) 2mm.
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