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What are the Advantages of Storage Shelves?

Storage shelves are mainly used in some factories, with obvious advantages, can store a large number of goods, shelves can make full use of warehouse space, two-level shelves can store more items, will not waste warehouse space, but also reasonable planning, conducive to direct use in the future.

What's Push-back Racking

The front and rear beams are connected by a sliding seat. Pallets of goods are placed on the shelf sliding seat from the front, and the goods entering later will push the original goods to the rear, currently up to five pallets can be pushed in.

The Eminent Dangers of Pallet Racking

The most common question asked is “how do I know my pallet racking is not being overloaded? “ You have taken steps in the right direction by having load capacity per beam level labels placed on beams. But how do you know those capacities are correct?

The Characteristics of Medium-sized Shelves

There are many kinds of shelves, which are generally divided into light shelves, medium shelves, heavy shelves, attic shelves, etc. medium shelves are the types between light shelves and heavy shelves. Let's learn about the characteristics of medium shelves.
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