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What Do We Need to Pay Attention to When Choosing a Convenience Store Shelf?

Convenience store is located near the residential area, refers to the operation of instant goods, to meet the convenience of consumers for the purpose of convenience, to take the a la carte shopping store format. If you want to open a certain convenience store, then the convenience store decoration, small shelves should be how to choose?

The Reason Why We Need to Do The Regular Inspection for Racking

Racking is a storage equipment widely used in modern warehouse. Regular inspection, timely detection and problem solving are not only an important premise for the safe use of racking, but also an important measure to prolong the service life of racking. Imagine if the racking could have been used for ten years, but after regular inspection and proper maintenance, it can be used for another year, or even a few years, it must be profitable. Here we will introduce in detail the items that need to be inspected regularly and their significance.

Common Logistics Containers for Goods’ Storage and Turnover

There are many logistics containers used for goods storage and turnover in logistics operations, among which turnover boxes and storage cages are the most commonly used.

The Application of Plastic Pallet in Racking System

Plastic pallet is a loading and unloading base plate composed of a load surface that can carry a number of items and a forklift socket, which is used to facilitate the loading and unloading, transportation, storage and distribution of goods. It is the most obscure but ubiquitous logistics appliance in the logistics industry. It is the main means of transforming static goods into dynamic goods. Although it is only one meter square in size, it can "move the whole earth", so it is also called "moving ground" and "moving cargo platform".
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