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The Characteristics of Medium-sized Shelves
Release time:2022-05-26 Views:79

There are many kinds of shelves, which are generally divided into light shelves, medium shelves, heavy shelves, attic shelves, etc. medium shelves are the types between light shelves and heavy shelves. Let's learn about the characteristics of medium shelves.


Medium sized shelves are mainly assembled by columns, beams, laminates, etc., usually bearing 150kg-500k / layer. They are mainly suitable for storing lighter goods. They are not only suitable for the storage of small and medium-sized warehouses, but also suitable for small-scale storage or shopping malls.


What are the characteristics of medium-sized shelves? The following points are:


1. High quality cold rolled steel is adopted, which has strong bearing capacity and is not easy to deform.


2. The surface is treated with electrostatic powder spraying, which is evenly powdered, moisture-proof and rust proof.


3. The height between the laminates can be adjusted freely according to the storage requirements.


4. There is a main and auxiliary frame structure, which can be connected continuously.


Medium shelf structure is adopted for easy assembly and installation.