Racking and Shelving

USA Q235B steel teardrop shelving for warehouse

Teardrop shelving Most popular in American and Canada market. It is type of Selective Pallet Racking because of it offers tremendous selectivity. You are able to access every pallet in a teardrop racking system.
  • The simplest, lowest cost, most popular racking system in the world.
  • Convenience to stock management.
  • Easy to store and pick due to direct access to all pallets.
  • Compatible with many handling equipment styles.
  • The height between levels can be adjusted easily by 50/helf assemble quickly and easily with a hammer or mallet. Widely used in home, supermarket, garage.etc.
  • Shelves can be adjusted per 38mm pitch.
  • Corrosion resistant: tough power coat finish resists rust and cratches.
  • Heavy duty capacity, the compartment loading capacity up to 4500kg.
  • No nuts and bolts. Ideal for record storage shelving.
  • Sturdy industrial strength steel construction.
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