Racking and Shelving

Wire Mesh Rolling Carts

Our roll containers are considered to be highly durable and reliable when it comes to product transportation. It has a castor size of five inches where it can either be fixed or swivel. The material is finished with zinc, hot-dip galvanized or powder coat. Depending on the business needs, the structure of our containers can have two, three, or four walls. 


Key features of our roll containers

Improving logistics distribution ,Roll containers are also known as warehouse trolley, roll cages or rolltainer. These are the ideal material handling equipment for transportation, laundry, and logistics industry. Aside from its capacity to carry different weights, this equipment is known and utilized for its mobility feature. 

How industries can benefit

Our roll containers highlight an anti-theft feature. This specification makes this equipment ideal for high-value products. Its storage capacity and mobility contribute to smoother and more efficient business operations. HML roll containers are ergonomically designed for easy maintenance and high resistance to corrosion or other weathering conditions.


External dimension 734 x 854 x 1680 mm
Safe working load 500 kg
Loaded units / 40HQ 320
Castor size 5″ (125 mm)
Castor type 2 fixed, 2 swivel
Finish Zinc/hot-dip galvanized/powder coat


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