Racking and Shelving

Warehouse Racking System Storage Carton Flow FIFO


Carton live storage systems are basically shelving for manual loading incorporating roller channels. It is an adequate system for order picking order, increasing turnover and productivity, as well as storage capacity.

This system ensures optimal entry and exit of cartona. It is a manual storage system by gravity that reduces picking times.

Usually it works according to FIFO principle (First-In, First-Out). The cartons are placed on the shelf at one end, they are moved by gravity along rollers to the other end of the shelf from where they are removed.


1. Dense picking face for a high number of SKUs.
2. FIFO system. 
3. Access to all references from one aisle.
4. High pick rates and accuracy

Know How:

On the loading levels of the steel shelving, roller sets are located on which the cartons and boxes move by gravity from one side to the other.

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