Racking and Shelving

The Maintenance of the Shelf in Use
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Pay attention to the maintenance of the shelf in use, which can prolong its service life and save part of the cost of purchasing the shelf. What should be paid attention to in the process of use?


1. Be sure to select qualified chucks and do not use non-standard chucks.


2. When carrying goods, be sure to handle them with care to avoid hitting the shelf.


3. When goods are stored on the shelf, personnel must be prevented from entering the bottom of the shelf to achieve safe use.


4. Each shelf has a specified load capacity, which has been determined in the design. Therefore, do not load too much in the process of use, and do not exceed the load capacity of the shelf to avoid potential safety hazards.


5. When using shelves to place goods, it is necessary to follow the principle of placing light goods at the top and heavy goods at the bottom, so as to avoid top heavy goods.


6. Generally speaking, the shelves are treated with appearance, but attention should also be paid to moisture and sun protection in the process of application. In case of moisture on the shelf, it is necessary to clean the shelf with a rag to avoid rust, especially the position of the shelf interface. Compared with other positions, it is easy to rust.


7. In the process of use, pay attention to the size of the goods to avoid excessive height and width of the goods.