Racking and Shelving

Stacking Rack

The post pallet is also called "Manurack", is manufactured from carefully chosen steel types, which made the pallets lighter while retaining their nominal, permissible capacity, dimensions and previous production process.


 It's now applied more and more widely in the automotive, textile, wood, metal, tire, and other industries. It also good for for industrial manufacturing and warehouse storage.

The stackable and detachable post pallet system improves the warehousing, which translates into savings and the company achieves greater profit.


M1-Base (Ext. Dim.) 1395x1060x310 mm
M1-Post (Ext. Dim.) 1200x60x2.5 mm
Safe working load 1500 kg
Stackability 4+2 high
Loaded units / 40HQ 220
Finish Zinc/hot-dip galvanized/powder coat
√ Ideal for storing long items & palletized cargo
√ Cup feet – easy & stable stacking
√ 4 way forklift & pallet truck entry
√ Maximize floor space: vertical storage, stack up to 4 high. Best storage solutions for warehouse, storerooms with limited space
√ Save space & lower shipping cost: removable arms – fully collapsible
√ No maintenance required

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