Racking and Shelving

Mezzanine on Columns

FM Storage customized steel pallet racking mezzanine in columns widely used in all kinds of warehouses, workshops. It improves the space utilization rate of enterprise warehouse and saves a lot of cost.
Mezzanine on Columns design is built with a solid universal beam that is longer, requiring less column supports. Thus, it gives more spaces as compared to racking. In addition, top flooring of the platform can be made of either plywood or mild steel plate.


◆ Increase the height of storage and space utilization;

◆  Platform is mainly supported by uprights, space between each upright is about 5-6 meter. On account of abundant distance, it can be widely used and provides diverse access fictions which combined with rack;

◆  Divided by two floors as usual or multi-stored floors in case; Using forklift truck and manual hydraulic trolley as handbarrow;

◆  Using hoister, conveyor or forklift between floors;

◆  Easy-installation: Professional installation instruction attached, and Jracking has professional installation team. p.s. If client need abroad installation guide, Jracking has professional expatriate PM, who can come for guiding according to client demand;
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