Racking and Shelving

Metal warehouse storage welded wire decks for pallet racking

Steel, Mild Steel Q235
Corrosion Protection
For Warehouse Rack
1.5/1.8 /2.0 mm
Weight Capacity:
300-1500 kg
880 mm
1100 mm
Hot Dip Zinc

Styles of wire decking

1. U Channel

The U channel wire deck fits all standard 1 5/8" Step beams. These channels are made with sturdy 14 gauge steel.

2. Flare Channel

The flare channel is a universal channel, fitting on box, step and structural pallet rack beams. These channels are made with sturdy 14 gauge steel.

3. Inverted Channel

We offer our customers the option to invert their wire deck channel. The inverted channel is used to keep dust, dirt, and other particles out of the channel.

Wire Mesh Decking

1All standard sizes or step or flared or custom sized are available.

2Capacities based on evenly distributed loads.

3Easy for installation

4All decks come standard with a 1.5" waterfall for easy and good installion and maintenance.

5Powder coating or galvanized finish.

Some standard sizes of galvanized welded wire mesh panel

Euro Sizes

A. Loading capacity 300kg B. Loading capacity 800kg C. Loading capacity 1000kg
         Mesh 50×150 mm            Mesh 50×100 mm           Mesh 50×100 mm
Dim (D×W) (mm) Dim (D×W) (mm) Dim (D×W) (mm)
600×880 1000×880 1050×1090 1000×1340
1000×880 1050×880 800×880 1050×1340
1050×880 1100×880 1200×880 800×1340
1100×880 1000×1090 1200×1090 1200×1340

American Sizs

Standard U-channel Pallet Deck
Dim (D×W) (mm) Dim (D×W) (mm)
24"×46" 42"×46" 24"×46"
30"×46" 42"×52" 36"×46"
36"×34" 42"×58" 36"×52"
36"×46" 48"×34" 42"×46"
36"×52" 48"×46" 42"×52"
36"×58" 48"×52" 44"×46"
42"×34" 48"×58" 48"×46"

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