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How to Define the Size of Heavy Duty Racking?
Release time:2021-01-25 Views:1300

Heavy duty racking is a simple rack composed of main rack, sub rack and beam. It can be divided into selective pallet rack, drive in rack and so on according to different load-bearing and import and export methods. Among them, the selective pallet racking system has won the trust of many customers with its advantages of economy and durability, and has become the preferred product of storage shelves. FM Storage’s customer service department staff often receive customer consultation telephone, who is asking about the questions about the sizes, and this article is to share with you how to define heavy duty racking size, so as to solve the most basic problem of the customers



For example:


Pallet size: 1200mm * 1000mm, in which 1200 is the direction of fork;


Cargo load: 1t / pallet (two pallets per layer)


Height of goods: 1100mm (including the height of pallets, it needs to be planned 3 layers, namely 3-layer beams and 4-layer goods)




(1) According to the above information, we will first calculate the required beam length of the shelf according to the size of the pallet. The length of the two pallets plus the gap between the pallet and the pallet and between the pallet and the column, our standard is usually 100, that is, 1200 * 2 + 300 = 2700, and the calculated 2700 is the size of the shelf;


(2) According to the calculated beam length, the material required for each layer of load-bearing rack is calculated, that is, 120 holding beams;


(3) The height of the goods is 1100, and a safe distance of 150 (safe forking distance) should be left between the beam and the goods on each floor, that is 1250 * 3, while the goods on the top floor are usually 500. According to this, the shelf height can be calculated as 1250 * 3 + 120 (crossbeam material height) * 3 + 500 = 4610, and the column height is usually 75 hole distance, so the column height is 4800h


(4) The depth direction of the pallet is 1000, and in the design, we usually reduce 100, so as to facilitate the normal placement of goods on the shelf;


Above, it can be calculated that the size of heavy cross beam shelf is 2700l * 900D * 4800h